Our Mission

The mission of the Transfiguration Orthodox Church is to foster the spiritual maturity of the Orthodox Christian faithful and reach out to inquirers in northern Lancaster County.

Mission Growth Timeline

June 2014
Inclusion of a mission parish in Annunciation Parish strategic plan.

December 2014
Coffee at Gus’s Keystone Restaurant, featuring Fr. Timothy Hojnicki, sharing with Annunciation group of the Holy Apostle Mission Parish experience.

January 2015
Presentation by Fr. Hojnicki to Annunciation Parish Council on the roadmap of birthing a mission parish.

February 2015 to May 2016
Meeting twice monthly at Lititz Mennonite Church for prayer, study, and fellowship.

May 2015
Meeting with Fr. Boniface Black in Rehoboth Beach, DE to discuss methods of establishing a mission parish. Fr. Black established six mission parishes during his ministry.

June 2015
The Annunciation Parish Council approved unanimously to transfer $7600 from the Philanthropy account to the mission parish account.

August 2015
Establishment of an administrative arm of the mission parish, with bi-weekly meetings to discuss future course of action.

November 2015

  • Hosted a “splash” event featuring Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick at the Keystone Villa in Ephrata, with 45 people in attendance.
  • Articles appeared in the Lancaster Newspaper and area Merchandisers focusing on the mission parish.
  • The Parish Council agreed unanimously to contribute $5000 per year for the next five years from the Philanthropy account to the mission parish account (beginning in 2016).

December 2015
Business plan including budget and facility needs developed for 2016.

May 2016
After considering several sites, the mission advisory board and the Annunciation parish council agreed to lease a place in Warwick Center (28 Copperfield Circle) in Lititz, with the lease beginning July 1.

June 2016
Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh gives his blessing to name the mission Transfiguration Orthodox Church.

July 2016
Renovations to the mission site  at 28 Copperfield Circle completed, including a small Narthex, Sanctuary, Altar, and fellowship room.

August 2016

  • Metropolitan Savas appoints Fr. Alexander Goussetis to serve as Pastor of Transfiguration Church, effective September 1.
  • Mission opens with Water Blessing service on August 3. Feast day celebrations of the Transfiguration take place on August 6.

April 2018

  • First pastoral visit by Metropolitan Savas on Holy Monday during Holy Week services.
  • First full Holy Week schedule of services and Pascha celebration.


  • Move to 26 Copperfield Circle, doubling our worship and fellowship space.
  • Developed a 3-5 year Mission Strategic plan
  • Established an Advisory Board of ten members
  • Established the Transfiguration Sisterhood for spiritual development & outreach/service


  • Hosted our first public pre-Lenten retreat for the Lititz community, with 33 people attending
  • Developed live-streaming of services on our own YouTube channel


  • The mission reached the initial goal of 50 financial stewards
  • A Transfiguration Men’s Ministry was formed, with the goal of providing spiritual encouragement and service/outreach opportunities for the men of the mission
  • Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, our mission served several outdoor Sunday liturgies in a local park, followed by a picnic, allowing for safe worship and fellowship.


  • The mission filed for and received incorporation and tax-exempt status with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • The mission applied for parish status from the Archdiocese, transitioning from mission status
  • The mission initiated and now hosts a monthly Nar-Anon meeting for families in Lancaster County who have or are being affected by addiction